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Film review: Black/White film – Wephota Pan 100 & 200

July 12, 2012

 There are many types of 135 black and white film in my city, but the most common is Wephota Pan 200 and 100.


Photographer in my city using this B&W film, this mostly because of 3 reasons: it’s inexpensive, quality is quite good and is fairly easy to buy.

Film is set in a plastic shell, outer shell stickers paper black and white print specifies the name of a film Wephota Pan 200/100 DX. Note term use of the film is very clearly on the front.

Note that Pan is not like the other premium film. The film are often wrapped in a package of aluminum foil or plastic small Pan only to be in plastic boxes rather sketchy, so should not be stored type of film this when outdate, using the refrigerator as the kind of film that, due to moisture from the fridge will ruin the face emulsion of the film. So watch carefully the date before purchase and use.

High quality photo
This is the part that people play in black and white most interested in. I’ve used Pan 200 with almost every black and white photos I took. Can review it as follows:

a. Pan’s film has strong contrast, slightly bitter. Proper shooting in winter when the light is not too harsh, shooting in the summer in HANOI is not very suitable because the array contrast is quite strong, if coated and scan is not good easy to lose details.

b. Pan can push/pull 1 stops (refer to my test Push iso Pan 200)

c. Pan for black and white relatively good, grey gradient is only a little then it will be hard to see the depth (if well developed, printed/scanned it will be easier to see). Landscape photography is more suitable than portrait (although I also only shoot portrait with Pan), portrait with Pan should be reserved for the model has beautiful skin, smooth. With the not beautiful, or make up not careful, so the film has low contrast, the color gray more than should see will eye more.

d. Pan can take up to 39 if know how to the film.

e. Pan 200 and 100 are very noise when shooting low light. Grain of the film this I don’t like it, particles quite big and slightly bitter.

f. Plastic strip empire film are colored gray. The other special with the film other is Pan 200 and 100 gave the frame number on film does not follow the normal way is to 1 — 1A — 2 — 2A which in turn is 1 — 2 — 3 — 4. News is at the end of film strips of pan will be no. 75 — 76, not 36 — 36A as the film other.

Strip of plastic film is quite thin, so when removing the film from the core film is twisted quite strong want to stress out quite strenuous. So should limit the roll film back, to move the film could stretch film natural, go for it nature of 1 hold, then put in 1 big bag, sealed is best. When in need of long-term storage need to cut the film out for into the sack and dropped into the box against moisture.

Processing/Developing Duration for Pan 200
Pan 200 does not appear on the dev chart, so many people do not know the time coated it is how much. Duration coated pan my success at 5 – 5.5 minutes with A03 at 20oC.

Some pictures
A number of images of the category I’m shooting with the Pan so that the readers can see the grain, dynamic color, high… of the film. All the film are withing the date when taken, develop with the above duration and scan quality was average.


This is film should be used with the amateur photographer. Used in normal shooting, however they need to skillfully use to limit the cons of film this with a few categories photo special.

Reviews: Should buy – performance/price: 3.5/5

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